The progenote org<anism>

The hypothetical last universal common ancestor to all life as we know it is sometimes called a protocell or progenote.

At the heart of the origin of life problem lies the spatio-temporal integration of autocatalytic sets of proto-biopolymers capable of self-replicating into a coherent biological entity undergoing vertical i.e. Darwinian evolution.

It is most likely that life originated not from a single individual but rather out of a vast cohort of progenotes which were collectively evolving towards a Darwinian bottleneck that marked the origin of cellular organization we are familiar with. Indeed, multiple independent origins of cellular organization are possible, implicating convergent processes already at the very onset of life. This notion becomes increasingly important in the context of early evolution which could have been driven by a mechanism which is not active in subsequent, slower phases of speciation.

At Mimotype we transpose insights from complexity theory to the realm of techno-evolutionary dynamics with a unique and foundational approach that involves the systematic identification of convergent phenomena in biology, culture & technology. Thereby, we scour the hyperspace of technological complexity and locate attractors for human technological instantiations, making use of the principle of functional equivalence: different molecular / physical phenomena can underlie similar functional outcomes.

We derisk complex bionanotechnological materials systems by honing in on the unified solution space of biology and technology.

Mimotype is the progenote org embodying the emergent bionano phase transition.

Our hero Carl Woese who coined the term "progenote"

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